I've had a wonderful experience earlier this year after winning a study grant atributted by Fundação GDA that allowed me to travel for 5 months to the coutries where my chosen instruments are built and taught.

It was a very enlightening experience traveling to Tehran, Iran and studying with master Ali Bahrami Fard persian santur and being able to try santurs made by some of the best makers in the world.

The last part of my journey was in Istanbul, Turkey where I studied Oud and turkish makam. It was delightful to experience this musical culture in its birthplace. I hope the oportunity presents itself again to undergo another enriching experience such as this was!

"Espiral" has just been released and it's taking its first steps into the world!
Featuring 8 songs of powerful handcrafted world music, it's set to leave its mark on all those who enjoy contemporary music made with ancient instruments!

With more audiovisual material coming soon, the digital release of the CD will be promptly available on the Bandcamp platform!
Stay tuned!

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Despite the many different ways an artist can display its work nowadays, many of them more dynamic and interactive than a website, I felt this is the perfect medium to summarize my carreer as a professional musician. It has the flexibility required to encompass all my activities, past, present and future, with an added degree of customization.

I had a very good time assembling it, and find that it will constitute a motivation for future work! So I hope you have a good time surfing around! If you find anything strange or wish to give some feedback don't hesitate to drop me a line on my email!

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